General Conditions of Business BE-INVENTIVE, Berg Simone e.U.

As a result of BE-INVENTIVE

  1. Scope

    BE-INVENTIVE exclusively acts as an intermediary of third parties. The intermediary assumes the obligation to endeavor to obtain a claim for services of other (organizer, transport company, hotelier, guide services, etc.).

    BE-INVENTIVE offers its services exclusively on the basis of these terms and conditions, excluding the contractor’s contrary terms of business.

  2. Prices / Fees
    The programs and the prices indicated for you are based on the number of persons mentioned and the set date. Changes to these important key data have an impact on the prices and require a supplementary calculation.
  3. Payment periods and cancellation terms of the BE-INVENTIVE service providers sometimes differ from the BE-INVENTIVE payment periods. They are either already mentioned at the time of the offer or are announced at the latest during a fixed booking and are applied.
  4. Additional services and extras on site
    Short-term ordered additional services and extras are charged via BE-INVENTIVE. BE-INVENTIVE charges a processing fee of 12% on the total costs of beverages, extras and additional services on site.
  5. Conclusion of contract and subject matter of the contract
    The nature and scope of the services are stated in the contract, the program description and the corresponding cost statement, the order is given in writing. The contractual relationship exists exclusively between BE-INVENTIVE and the client, but not between BE-INVENTIVE and customers of the client or his employees.
  6. Commissioning of third parties
    BE-INVENTIVE authorizes suitable service providers in the name of the customer to carry out the services listed in the contract or in the program description, the client grants his explicit consent. BE-INVENTIVE is liable for the services performed by third parties.

  7. Obligations of BE-INVENTIVE
    BE-INVENTIVEprovides the client with detailed information on the individual services. Any discussion with the client regarding the execution of the order shall be documented by BE-INVENTIVE the content of this call notice shall be communicated to the client and shall be binding on both parties, unless the client makes an objection within 7 days.

  8. Obligations of the Customer
    If it is necessary for the proper fulfillment of the contract, the client gives BE-INVENTIVE corresponding information and instructions. If necessary, the client shall notify BE-INVENTIVE ´S project manager immediately of any defects in the service during the event. Failure to do so will have no effect on warranty claims, but it will result in a non-liability of the customer.

  9. Warranty and liability
    Any complaints must be sent to BE-INVENTIVEin writing no later than two weeks after the end of the event. Minor changes to the services do not entitle the client to reduce the payment and withdraw from the contract. The client acknowledges that the obligations of the public security are the responsibility of the operator of a fixed installation (stadium, hall, hotel, etc.), and that BE-INVENTIVE is therefore not liable for compensation for damage resulting from an event organized by BE-INVENTIVE. This release from liability is not valid in case of willful intent or gross negligence. In the case of minor negligence (disregarding the degree of diligence, which only exceptionally prudent or cautious people apply) liability is in any case excluded.

  10. Copyright
    All concepts offered by BE-INVENTIVE, program proposals, conceptual and creative ideas are intellectual property of BE-INVENTIVE. They are subject without restriction to the applicable Austrian copyright laws. Your use, including parts of the concept, requires the written permission of BE-INVENTIVE Reproduction and distribution to third parties is not permitted. Images used in presentations are used for visualization and can vary and vary during implementation.

  11. Payment conditions
    The payment by the client is made without delay with a transfer in euro to the following account of BE-INVENTIVE

    Account: BE-INVENTIVE BERG SIMONE e.U.                                                                          IBAN AT29 4300 0527 3701 0000                                                                                                  BIC:VBOEATWW                                                                                                                                                      All bank charges are to be fully borne by the client.

  12. Compliance with the following terms of payment is a precondition for the provision of services by BE-INVENTIVE:                                                                                     First down-payment:                   30% of the total estimated cost due at the time of issuing the order                                                                                                                                                   Second down-payment:              50% of the total estimated cost due up to 2 months before the event                                                                                                                                     Final balance-payment:               20% of the total estimated cost due up to 4 weeks before the                                                                                                                                           Payment periods of our service providers sometimes differ from BE-INVENTIVE`s  terms of payment and in the event of a confirmed booking being made, these will be announced and will be applied where appropriate.

  13. Withdrawal From the Contract Prior to the Start of the Event                                      The client may withdraw from the contract before the start of the event for any reason. However, in such a case, the client shall compensate the written request as follows:                                                                                                                                                 5 months or more before the event:                  10% of the expected total                         5 months to 2 months before the event:         20% of the expected total                    2 months to 1 month before the event:             50% of the expected total                       1 month to 3 weeks before the event:                80% of the expected total                 Within 3 weeks before the event:                        100% of the expected total       Cancellation conditions of our service providers sometimes differ from BE-INVENTIVE`s  terms of cancellation and in the event of a confirmed booking being made, these conditions will be announced and will be applied where appropriate.

  14. Premature termination of the contract

    Both parties may terminate the contract without granting a grace period if the provision of the services is prevented or disproportionately hampered by for example force majeure, by the initiation of a settlement or bankruptcy proceedings against the other party, or by the initiation of bankruptcy proceedings for lack of assets To cover costs. For services provided by BE-INVENTIVE`s or by third parties on behalf of BE-INVENTIVE`s up to the date of termination of the contract, BE-INVENTIVE`s shall be entitled to reasonable compensation including cancellation fees for service providers if this is the case. Both parties may terminate the contract by granting a two-week grace period if the other party is in default with the fulfillment of its other contractual obligations.

  15. General terms and conditions                                                                                                                   Austrian law shall apply exclusively to this contract. Place of performance and court of jurisdiction is the Commercial Court of Wiener Neustadt. In order to ensure legal certainty for both parties, all deviations from the terms and conditions of this agreement, all subsidiary agreements or verbal commitments for their effectiveness, require the written confirmation by BE-INVENTIVE. If any provision of the contract or of the General Terms and Conditions is invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected.

  16. Jurisdiction                                                                                                                         It is agreed that Austrian law will solely apply to these terms and conditions. The legal venue shall be the Commercial Court of Wiener Neustadt, Austria.

Baden bei Wien, 01.01.2015